How to enjoy sex on your own

The reason for the absolute high pleasure is the so-called P-point, which is located inside the anus and which can be reached with the finger or even the sex toy and believes me: this is really the turbo button for every orgasm. The climax feels more intense, lasts longer and is simply an incredibly awesome experience.

In addition, the anal area has many highly sensitive nerve endings that can do more than just tingling. Accordingly, he is also sensitive and sensitive. Therefore you have to act with absolute caution. Slowness and relaxation is absolutely necessary especially for beginners. To spread equal pleasure to everyone, sex shops offer best sex toys for lesbians too.

Pulsating fun: more sex toys for men.

Cock rings: Stamina meets vibrator. The penis ring sits on the penis root – an area that cannot tingle as pleasantly as the glands. But Penis rings usually press on the testicles and that in turn is very exciting. Plus point: During sex, the lady has some of the vibrating pleasure. And you get duchy the small congestion of the resulting a harder erection, more power, more desire and in the best case even more sensation. You can even delay the orgasm with it a bit. But there are also pure testicle rings but I have not tried and if you are looking for a longer pleasure delay gels; I did not even try it myself.

Vibrating Sex Dolls: Some men swear by the premium deluxe sex dolls with vibrating function at all openings. Ideally, there are several masturbators hidden inside the doll, in the worst case, the whole doll simply vibrates.

Spanker: These masturbation toys are really something special. Like a cuff, they wrap around the penis and allow them to move up and down. But just that would be boring: silicone attachments, simulated tongues or vibration motors give you the ultimate kick.

Pocket Pussy in own creation: Since there are already quite cheap good entry-level models for the beginning, I usually advise against the self-construction of a masturbator. But if you still want to try it, my detailed guide will help you: build a pocket pussy yourself.

A vibrator for men is always found.


From the alienated smart phone to the high-end vibrator with Happy Ending is really everything in the colorful world of sex toys. Already during the research for this article I stumbled on some sex toys for men, which will probably move in soon with me. If you like it classic, you will definitely enjoy using one or the other vibrator. You want more inspiration? With us you will surely find a male vibrator that stands his man! By the way, if my arguments have not convinced you yet: Regular masturbation or (direct or indirect) prostate massage is very healthy and can protect against prostate cancer in the long term.

Let’s start now and here: Are you in?

Sex toys for men are very popular. Every day thousands of people buy sex-goods to make sex life brighter. What things they choose most often? Why exactly such products for adults are in great demand? We collected 15 of the most sought-after male sex toys and found out their purpose. The use of most male sex toys is possible not only for masturbation. It is necessary to show imagination, and these products will help make sex in a couple several times brighter.

Real Masturbators

An artificial vagina or ass is a device that helps relieve sexual tension. Masturbators of these series are made of special materials that perfectly copy human skin. It is necessary to close your eyes, and it seems that penetration occurs in a living person. At the same time, the internal relief is well traced, so you can experience all the joys of vaginal, oral or anal sex. Most of the small-size masturbators, when used, are held in hand and move with the desired amplitude. Realistic this is a gentle material, pleasant sensations and the opportunity at any time to have fun.

Mini masturbators

Sometimes you want to reach orgasm not only at home, but also in other places. And there is not always time for long manipulations. For such situations mini-masturbators are created. They are convenient to take with you, they take up little space. For the application does not require additional lubrication, just need to add a few drops of water inside, and the slip will be ideal. The special material is perfectly stretched; the whole penis is stimulated in the process of application. The feeling is not realistic, but no less pleasant. By squeezing the device with different force, you can adjust the impact. The internal relief of each model is unique; there are different designs to try. There are also disposable models of mini-masturbators for men, these are inexpensive goods.

Silicone Sex Dolls

Popular male sex toys include sex dolls. Previously, people more often chose inflatable models, but today it is fashionable to have a silicone artificial girl. Outwardly, it is very similar to an ordinary person, but weighs 25-35 kg. Beautiful hair, natural cilia, soft skin and sexy holes traced to every detail make the dolls very popular. With such a doll you can make love, and still dress her, wash. The girl’s arms and legs bend, she is able to take any poses. And the customer can choose the appearance of such a lady or even order a doll according to her own sketches or photos.

Creams that strengthen the erection

Confidence in male power is needed for every man. And it is very easy to get it with a cream for enhancing erection. Such drugs for men are much safer than stimulant pills; they act directly on the penis without disrupting the digestive tract. The effect occurs 5-15 minutes after application, as a result, a large amount of blood flows to the genitals, which allows the man not to worry about the success of sexual intercourse. With cream it is easy to always feel at your best. And its use is possible even with condoms. The application of the drug may be part of the prelude, but it will be used in secret from the woman he loves.

Prostate massagers

For male sex toys include prostate massagers. But these are rather not products for pleasure, but devices for treating and preventing diseases of the prostate gland. Regular use allows you to maintain masculine strength until old age. And thanks to the regular massage does not cause inflammation. According to statistics, after 50 years more than 70% of men suffer from diseases of the urinary-genital system, but they can really be avoided by regularly applying massagers from the sex shop. Stimulation of the prostate is able to give pleasure, but you have to learn how to get pleasure from such caresses. Modern models are equipped with vibration. Anatomical shape allows you to enter them into the body without pain and discomfort. This massagers are perfectly used in combination with sexual swings for everybody loves.